Review : Gang Movie

Review : Gang Movie

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Release date : January 12, 2018
Chai SamoSa Rating : 3/5
Director : Vignesh Shivan
Producer : K.E. Gnanavel
Music Director : Anirudh
Starring : Suriya, Keerthy Suresh and Ramya Krishna

Gang Movie Story : Tilak(Surya) is a frustrated guy who fails to get a job in CBI because he could not pay the bribe. He forms a gang with Jhansi Rani(Ramya Krishnan) and few others to take a revenge by performing fake raids on several people in the society. In the process, the real CBI officers come to know about this and they start chasing down the same. Will the real CBI officers catch this Gang? What happens in the end ? Forms the story of the film.

Gang Movie Review : Surya Sivakumar played his part very well in the film. He is the heart and soul of the movie and has put a decent performance. The female lead Keerthy Suresh is only for glamour and songs. She did not have any proper scope to perform in the movie. Ramya Krishnan, on the other side, is decent and impressive. She entertained with her comedy timing and performance. All other actors have played their parts well and made their presence felt. The casting department is good.

Vignesh Shivam is the director of the film who has made necessary changes for the original script. Though they told that they have made a lot of changes, we can see certain scenes being repeated from the original. The director could have worked more on certain aspects of the story to make it more engaging. Some changes that the director made did not impress the audiences and they completely failed to fit in the screenplay format that the director designed. On a whole, the writing is okay and the dialogues by Shashank Vennalakanti are good.

The film has good camera work by Dinesh. Srikar Prasad’s editing has made the film a good one. The film has Good locations and the production design is neat. The set work is good. The music scored by Anirudh Ravichander is okay. The background score did not make any big impression but it tried to leave a positive impression. On a whole the technical aspects have come out well. 

The Plus Point of the Movie is Suriya performance the man who pull our eye sight towards him. Keerthy Suresh has a small role but decent look and acting make a plus point in the film. Story will be the another hero of the film and Comedy played well,execution and comedy timing was good. 

Minus Points will be Screenplay and slow narration at some point of the movie. Few borring scenes in the film makes loosing the interest in film....

Finally: GOOD Movie at this point of time.