Review : Spyder

Review : Spyder

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Release date : September 27, 2017 Rating : 3.25/5
Director : A.R. Murugadoss
Producers : N. V. Prasad, Tagore Madhu
Music Director : Harris Jayaraj
Starring : Mahesh Babu, Rakul Preet Singh, S. J. Surya

SPYDER STORY: On one hand is a man, who by circumstance of birth or due to destiny, turns into a monster who thrives by creating fear and causing death. On the other hand, is an honest man whose sole purpose in life is helping strangers and fighting evil for the larger good. When two such personalities clash, which one will emerge winner?

SPYDER REVIEW: Shiva (Mahesh Babu) is a dedicated officer working for the intelligence bureau, who goes out of his way — and way out of what his job profile requires him to do — to tap calls, listen in on the conversations of people in order to prevent crimes before they actually occur. And one such call leads him to Bhairavudu (SJ Suryah), a serial killer, who is the very incarnation of evil. An interesting backstory shows that Bhairavudu, the son of burial ground caretaker, is born amidst the wails of greiving relatives of a dead person about to be cremated. Thus, along with Bhairavudu, is born his fascination for misery — a trait which turns him into a cold-blooded murderer. When Shiva's friend and a young girl whom he set out to save gets killed, Bhairavudu's doom begins, for now Shiva himself gets after him. And thus begins of a deadly cat-and-mouse game that keeps you hooked, at least till the interval. Thereafter, things take a downward spiral. 

Mahesh Babu as Shiva looks handsome on screen and carries the role with panache. As an honest, upright citizen though, the only scope he gets for performance are in the scenes where he is horrified at the brutal murders of innocent people and breaks into tears. SJ Suryah as Bhairavudu gets a role that is modelled along the lines of psychos in Hollywood movies and he is good as well. But more than his performance, it is the nature of the acts he indulges in: brutal enough to make you throw up, which provides substance to his character. And then we have the heroine, Rakul Preet Singh, who sings and dances to provide entertainment and romance in this otherwise dark tale. The rest of the characters deserve no special mention as the Spyder is entirely driven between the tussle between Shiva and Bhairavudu. That said, the production values of Spyder are excellent, as is evident from the beautifully shot songs and the larger-than-life action episodes. 

The conflict between the hero and the villain seems like a safe enough plot for a potboiler or a spy film; however, Murugadoss' writing doesn't manage to give you the chills or thrills the promos promised to. Telugu audience might be particularly disappointed as this bilingual does not live up to Mahesh's 'Superstar' image. To cut a long story short, Spyder is too thanda for a Dasara release.

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