Review : Seetha Ramuni Kosam

 Review : Seetha Ramuni Kosam Movie Review & Rating

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Release date : December 14, 2017
Chai SamoSa Rating : 2.5/5
Director : GopiReddy Anil
Producer : Shilpa Sreerangam
Music Director : GopiReddy Anil
Starring : Sharath, Karunya Chowdary, Thagubothu Ramesh

Seetha Ramuni Kosam STORY :- 

Vikki (Sarath Srirangam) buys a villa to gift to his niece. He learns about the presence of supernatural elements in the villa and decides to check them out on his own. His suspicion becomes true. He gets to know the presence of two spirits in the house. Also, he finds diary in the house and what is in it?
The villa was earlier owned by Ram (Anil Gopireddy), an ad filmmaker. Who is Seetha (Karunya Chowdary)? What is the story of Seetha, Ram and how they are connected to the villa?
Seetha Ramuni Kosam Review :- 
Sarath did a decent job as a guy who researches on spirits. As a guy trying to unravel the mystery surrounding his villa, he did a fine performance. Karunya has an author-backed role as the whole story revolves around her character Seetha. Karunya has undergone a great makeover for the role as she gets under the skin of Seetha’s role perfectly. Anil Gopireddy is alright as ad filmmaker Ram. Others too did well.
Seetha Ramuni Kosam has a great message on deteriorating family values. The film throws light on how ‘temporary’ happiness is pushing several families into sorrow. And this message is backed by a good story that has a gripping narrative. Anil Gopireddy did a decent job. He recruited good proficient technical crew. The film’s music and background music makes the film more engaging, compelling.
Despite being a horror film, the film has good dose of family sentiment that makes it a family drama laced with thrill, horror. Unlike the usual horror films which try to scare us for no reason, Seetha Ramuni Kosam is a unique attempt in its own way. Seetha is not scary, it is for love. However, the fans of horror may seek for more than what is offered in the film.
The last 40 minutes of the film justifies everything. The climax portion is well conceived. The film ends on bright note.
Seetha Ramuni Kosam hits the bulls eye. It is a perfect blend of sentiment, drama, horror. The film has good message as well. Go for it. Watch it with families.