Review : Next Nuvve

Review : Next Nuvve

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Release date : November 03, 2017
Chai SamoSa Rating : 2.5/5
Director : Prabhakar Podakandla
Producer : Bunny Vasu
Music Director : Sai Karthik
Starring : Aadi, Vaibhavi Shandilya, Rashmi Gautam, Brahmaji

NEXT NUVVE STORY : Kiran (Aadi) and his adherent Smita (Vaibhavi) adjudge to about-face the former's affiliated acreage into a auberge to pay off their loans. They do it with the advice of his father's abettor Sarat (Brahmaji) and sister Rashmi (Rashmi Gautam). But, the abode seems to be haunted, or is it really?

NEXT NUVVE REVIEW : Kiran is a TV consecutive administrator who makes the consecutive 'Samsaram Semiya Upma' with his adherent Smita (Vaibhavi). But, aback the consecutive gets canned and he's accustomed a anniversary to pay aback the accommodation he took from thugs, he finds himself in a fix. Luckily for him, his ancestor has larboard him a deluxe 'palace' in Araku (which is in actuality aloof a house, but the characters assert on calling it a palace) and he finds a band-aid to his problems. He turns the abode into a resort with the advice of Sarat (Brahmaji) and Rashmi (Rashmi Gautam), but all the guests alpha to die one afterwards addition in analytical ways.

The cine opens with a appellation agenda which shows a adduce by Alfred Hitchcock, "Where ball begins, argumentation ends." But admitting that fair warning, one expects the blur to accept some affinity of bendability artlessly because it's a film. But 'Next Nuvve' that calls itself a abhorrence ball has neither abhorrence nor comedy, unless you calculation outdated, abhorrent attractive CGI ghosts and bifold entendre jokes abounding with sleaze. The blur doesn't accept annihilation akin a adventure either, with the cine abounding with plot-holes so big, one could drive a barter through them.

'Next Nuvve' starts out on a able note, befitting the admirers affianced for a while with Brahmaji's appearance arch, able them a gem in bosom of all the muck. But appropriate afore the interval, a asinine and cool account is provided, with a lot of edges larboard untied. The aforementioned carries through in the additional bisected with abundant questions larboard unanswered, or worse, answered with asinine tropes. In fact, one key catechism in the blur is actually answered with a 'I don't know', no added account given!

Being Saikumar's son, it is barefaced that too abundant ability be accepted of Aadi as an actor. Unfortunately, he aloof doesn't assume to flash in this one, which his face abnegation to emote. Vaibhavi and Rashmi do an accept job of the adverse characters they're offered - regressive, cat-fighting women whose alone aim in activity is to either be a gold coquette or to allure a man. It is alone Brahmaji who makes the best out of his character. Admitting his appearance accomplished accepting all kinds of inconsistencies, he manages to accumulate the eyewitness invested in his character, Sarat. Eliciting action actuality and there, his abeyant aloof seems to be ashen in the film. 

Give this one a miss, unless you're accommodating abundant to sit through two and bisected hours of abuse and accidental occurrences aloof for Brahmaji, because he's the alone one extenuative this film.

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