Review : Malli Raava

Review : Malli Raava

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Release date : December 08, 2017
Chai SamoSa Rating : 3.5/5
Director : Gowtam Tinnanuri
Producer : Rahul Yadav Nakka
Music Director : Shravan Bharadwaj
Starring : Sumanth, Aakanksha Singh

Malli Raava STORY :- The story of the film is based on the lives of Karthick(Sumanth) and Anjali who fall in love during their teenage days. Whenever they get close to each other some problem or the other keeps creeping up between them. Rest of the story is as to what problems do the lovers face during different time zones of 1999, 2012 and 2017 and how they reunite during the end.
Malli Raava REVIEW :- A standout amongst the greatest advantages of the novel into a film is those great screenplay. Credit ought to try to executive Gowtham who narrated the novel into a film over a fascinating way. Those novel into a film dives over and over again in time and the best approach the issues and love scenes need been consolidated in the portrayal may be delightful. 
Sumanth provides for as much career-best execution. For this film, it may be obviously demonstrated that Sumanth will be An skilled performing artist who could act great Gave those filmmakers’ extricate execution from him. The approach he need conveyed as much part Also showcased as much feelings for a unpretentious way may be worth appreciation. 
Model Akanksha Singh makes An striking debut Furthermore is pretty great Concerning illustration Anjali. Acting wise, she need carried great over her complex part What's more will definitely be a on-screen character should watch out for. Those parody emphasizing Sumanth What's more as much partners brings out great laughs All over there. Yet an additional real stake of the novel into a film may be those path things need been kept sensible. There will be no drama or over the top banana scenes in the film which look constrained. 
Malli Raava takes its identity or sweet occasion when should unleash its incidents. Despite the fact that the film’s span may be short, On numerous zones you find the motion picture on do not make noise moderate Furthermore dull. 
The love story emphasizing the lear combine Throughout their teenaged need been extended An spot a lot of. Those novel into a film will be a not kidding sentimental dramatization What's more every last bit the individuals who need aid expecting some enthralling sentimental scenes What's more entertainment only will make frustrated. 
Malli Raava is a unpretentious love story which need some delightful minutes All around. The greatest stake of the novel into a film is that it may be very straightforward and Practical. Great exhibitions Toward the lead couple What's more fascinating screenplay would fundamental holdings. Those novel into a film is plainly meant at those multiplex group of onlookers and know the individuals who search for sheer stimulation may discover it An spot dull Also moderate. Yet for the rest, it is An enrapturing sentimental dramatization which and winds up Likewise a great watch this weekend. 

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