Review : Juliet Lover Of Idiot

Review : Juliet Lover Of Idiot

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Release date : December 14, 2017
Chai SamoSa Rating : 2.5/5
Director : Ajay Vodhirala
Producer : Kothapalli R Raghu Babu 
Music Director : Rateesh Vega
Starring : Naveen Chandra , Nivetha Thomas

Juliet Lover Of Idiot STORY :- Vara(Naveen Chandra) is An valet stopping driver who tumbles in affection for Julie(Nivetha Thomas). This is also the chance The point when a paramount satchel gets stuck to a standout amongst as much customer’s auto. For hell's sake breaks crazy detached Concerning illustration that satchel need every last one of significant privileged insights having a place will An feared criminal called Khan(Abhimanyu Singh) who begins chasing vara. How will vara get away from this chaos? and the thing that happens will as much love story? that types whatever remains of those story. 
Juliet Lover Of Idiot Review :- This film may be Nivetha Thomas’s debut novel into a film On telugu which got Postponed. She does a great occupation done her part Furthermore depicts OK feelings All around the film. Naveen Chandra may be practically alright in as much part of a cheerful guy. 
Ali gets a paramount part What's more he impresses Likewise weapon laden. Those best approach he brings out parody Throughout crunch particular circumstances clicks great to those novel into a film. The in the first place half need some useful twists Throughout the interim stage. 
A standout amongst the greatest drawbacks of the novel into a film need aid the subplots. There are path excessively awful a significant number stories running at once distracting the fixation of the crowd. The point when you imagine those wrongdoing thriller will be looking into track, An moronic sentimental scene or melody abruptly hops under the incidents. 
The favor half gets path excessively exhausting for those film setting off looking into What's more for with unnecessary tracks erupting one after the opposite. Those mothball point showcased and the manner it will be associated with the story takes a gander senseless. Likewise two quite some time have Run by, those film takes a gander old fashioned. The camerawork may be terrible and the processing qualities are practically alright. Altering may be appalling Similarly as no less than 15 minutes Might need been effortlessly altered crazy. Music may be beneath standard also others might have been those whole set up. Advancing of the executive Ajay, he need carried out a frustrating work for the novel into a film. Required he best narrated the film for the wrongdoing angle, things might need been OK. At he includes with the goal A large number subplots in the sentimental point Also mothball assumption which takedown those novel into a film totally. 
On the whole, Julier darling from claiming numbskull box may be person old fashioned wrongdoing thriller which will be dragged with no degree. Excessively a number subplots, silly narration, What's more unnecessary sentimental scenes exhaust the group of onlookers on no degree. But to Ali’s parody All over there, this novel into a film winds up Similarly as a long Also frightful watch this weekend. Recently stay away from this you quit offering on that one.