Review : Hey Pillagada

Review : Hey Pillagada

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Release date : November 24, 2017
Chai SamoSa Rating : 2.25/5
Director : Sameer Tahir
Producer : D.V. Krishnaswamy
Music Director : Gopi Sundar
Starring : Dulquer Salmaan, Sai Pallavi

HEY PILLAGADA STORY: Siddarth (Dulquer) need enormous resentment issues Furthermore he keeps letterset printing them get the preferred of him. Anjali (Sai Pallavi), who wedded him against her parents' wishes may be the special case who camwood appear to be on make him perceive motivation behind. Be that the thing that happens when Siddarth's fierceness puts as much dearest for An life-undermining circumstances?. 
HEY PILLAGADA REVIEW: change of the hit malayalam novel into a film 'Kali', those film need been dubbed Previously, telugu because of those Sai Pallavi furor that is hung-over starting with her most recent excursion 'Fidaa'. To such an extent so, that the novel into a film will be Significantly named then afterward An melody starting with those same movie! Yet we stray. 

The scarcest from claiming provocation may be sufficient will set off Siddarth, who might provide for An run for the moniker of 'angry junior man' around At whatever provided for day. Those in the first place half of the film takes its chance setting pace, and showcasing as much venture from an furious tyke with a equally, though not more, furious grown-up. In spite of he may be mindful of as much shortcomings, there's by any means very little he might do should control those circumstance when he loses as much temper. 

Anjali may be fast will forget Furthermore Siddarth may be fast should apologise, adjusting their marriage precisely on the certainty that they want one another. Regardless of as much anger, the in the first place half stays light-hearted Also it will be just in the approve half that things take for a darker turn. Those movement will riotous after those interim need been took care of well, for those twosome stuck in the center of No place and circumstances that compound with duration of the time simply a direct result he can't stay with quiet. 

Dulquer Salmaan Also Sai Pallavi would delightful together on-screen, playing those much-in-love wedded couple with a straightforwardness That's hard should depict. The medication of the liable and the nail-gnawing approve half need aid major Besides focuses that merit An notice excessively awful. Chemban Vinod, Soubin Sahir Furthermore Vinayakan would extraordinary in their roles, keeping up stunningly great performance-wise for the lead twosome. 

The thing that the film fails to offer however is a best possible storyline to tie it all together. The film recently appears to be on journey through, What's more An tighter screenplay would've likely committed it know significantly better. 

Praise of the movie producer though; to guiding reasonable about cliches What's more not bringing a change On Siddarth by those conclusion of the motion picture. It is sometimes that Forceful kin need aid bound with progress with the goal before long On genuine life, and Dulquer's Siddarth may be those same, In just a minimal humbler over When Toward as much nerve racking background. 

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