Review : Fidaa

  Review : Fidaa

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Release date : July 21, 2017
Chai SamoSa Rating : 3.5/5
Director : Shekhar Kammula
Producer : Dil Raju
Music Director : Shakthi Kanth
Starring : Varun Tej, Sai Pallavi

FIDAA STORY : When an NRI boy and a village belle meet, sparks fly. But not all relationships are a smooth ride. Varun and Bhanu experience their share of bumps before parting ways until fate brings the face to face once again.

FIDAA REVIEW : When two people with a completely different upbringing fall for each other, is their love and trust for each other strong enough to accept the other unconditionally at the expense of their own aspirations in life?

Varun (Varun Tej) is a student of medicine residing in the US with his two brothers. After coaxing his elder brother to get married for long, he gets him to fly to India meet the prospective bride, who hails from a rural part of Telangana. He likes the girl and calls Varun over to validate his choice. Varun comes to India and meets Bhanumathi alias Bhanu (Sai Pallavi), the sister of the bride. Bhanu is as independent in her thoughts as she is attached to her family and village. Following a series of interactions, Bhanu and Varun fall for each other. After his big brother’s marriage, Varun goes back to the US and proposes to Bhanu only to be rejected by her. Varun is shocked and decides to forget her.

When she goes to the US to assist her pregnant sister, will love between Bhanu and Varun be rekindled? Is Varun willing to give up everything to be with her or will Bhanu make the sacrifice?

One of the major features of the film is the different dialects of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana mouthed by the characters. In that sense, director Shekhar Kammula seems to have tried to bring about an integration of sorts between the people of the two regions using cinema as a medium. Sai Pallavi’s dialogues come across as unique and also high on wit. But her characterisation is reminiscent of Kamalini Mukherjee’s character in ‘Anand’ — her attire, independent streak of mind, dancing in the rain etc. She does a great job as Bhanu and carries the film on her shoulders.

Varun Tej as the NRI boy looks super cool but unfortunately, he’s forced to play second fiddle for the major part of the film. This role will do little for his career either as there is little scope for performance, barring the odd scene or two.

The plot line is too flimsy and simplistic; the climax is also a la Anand. The cinematography is flawless and the frames have a rich visual appeal. The music is in line with Shekhar Kammula’s earlier films and although there’s nothing special about the songs, they’re not harsh on the ear either. The movie is absolutely bereft of any vulgarity. But after you leave the theatre, the only memory you’d carry back is that of Bhanu and her Telangana dialect. If that was what Kammula intended, then he has surely succeeded

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