Review : C/o Surya

Review : C/o Surya

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Release date : November 10, 2017
Chai SamoSa Rating : 2.5/5
Director : Suseenthiran
Producer : Chakri Chigurupati
Music Director : D. Imman
Starring : Sundeep Kishan, Mehreen Pirzada

C/o Surya STORY : an adolescent mamoncillo tracks down the individuals who need aid attempting will dispense with as much closest companion. Yet there's a greater amount to it over meets the eye. 

C/o Surya REVIEW : surya (Sundeep Kishen) is An Vizag-based junior mamoncillo who sits tight for as much mothball (Tulasi) and sister anu (Sathiga), a person from claiming prescription. He will be and only a catering benefits of the business with as much closest companion Mahesh (Vikrant). Mahesh is a good-natured chap Be that he will be touchy Furthermore is habitually getting under brawls due to this. He may be in affection with anu yet all the Surya's mothball doesn't favor from claiming him. On the great holders kept all will be a pack of mercilessness criminals headed Toward Sambasivudu (Harish Uthaman). Those pack is presently then afterward Mahesh Also surya excessively awful dives against Mahesh which prompts those last finishing up done penitentiary. The reason completed surya try against as much closest companion What's more the reason is those pack then afterward Mahesh, structures the crux of the story. 

Sundeep Kishen need teamed dependent upon for tamil executive Suseenthiran to those main chance and the novel into a film destroyed make truly some interest Likewise will how the blending might get down to business for screen. Those in the first place half of the film concentrates looking into securing the Different characters Previously, Surya's globe. Mehreen assumes Janani, the adore interest for surya Also In spite of she takes a gander delightful with respect to screen, over ordinary Tollywood style, she may be there in the film in light of it needs a champion. Tulasi Concerning illustration Surya's furious mothball will be lifestyle as well boisterous for solace. Vikrant gets truly a substantial part What's more he will be okay. Sathya also gets An significant part Also he can give acceptable comic easing Sporadically. Harish Uthaman Likewise Sambasivudu need got beneficial screen vicinity. 

The in the first place half may be evidently intended to lay a solid base to those approve half of the novel into a film yet the absence of profundity in the script turns out to a chance to be its primary fixing. There may be nothing bad with the execution, the chief does a great employment. Yet following a certain point, over attempting with settle on the plot interesting Furthermore interesting, the chief makes it convoluted and ultimately, The point when the genuine motivation behind behind those entirety dramatization is revealed, it does appear to be a touch as well pointless. There will be nothing amazing regarding those tunes yet the foundation music will be great. Unfortunately, it tries to situated a rhythm which will be not matched Eventually Tom's perusing those incidents on screen. Sundeep Kishen Concerning illustration An frantic adolescent mamoncillo attempting should ensure as much cherished ones puts in a OK execution Be that as much character suffers Similarly as an aftereffect of a poorly carved script. There will be an component from claiming unoriginality around those Different twists Furthermore turns. The chief tries with keep the gathering of people snared with as much screenplay At On An thriller, the fundamental reason of the story need to make just as great. What's more when those framework is weak, it may be exceptionally troublesome to make up for it Toward getting whatever remains of those enactment straight. That's what happens should c/o surya. Those introduction scene of the film itself in which Surya's father tan dies due to An bungled operation heads the group of onlookers with believe that it might make associated with the primary plot Be that turns out to make totally inconsequential. It may be a well-executed novel into a film yet the composing certainly Might bring been exceptional. And that might need made every last one of Contrast of the To begin with straight telugu film for Suseenthiran. 

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