Review : B.Tech Babulu

Review : B.Tech Babulu

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Release date : December 08, 2017
Chai SamoSa Rating : 2.5/5
Director : Seenu Imandi
Producer : Dhana Jammu
Music Director : Ajay Patnayak
Starring : Nandu, Sreemukhi, Ashwini, Shakalaka Shankar

B.Tech Babulu STORY :- b. Guru Babulu is about the story of four building people who haphazardly meet over school. Every individual need their battles Also goes out for flying colors at those conclusion. Will think a greater amount something like what battles they try through, you must watch the film over theaters. 
B.Tech Babulu REVIEW: the significant Besides perspective of the film may be Nandu-Sreemukhi’s flashback which keeps up for 15 minutes in the favor half. Both nandu and Sreemukhi performed great Concerning illustration several Furthermore their screen vicinity acquires a considerable measure of profundity of the incidents. 
Every last one of companions What's more their cherish hobbies are OK done their particular parts. Especially, Shakalaka Shankar, who acted Likewise a standout amongst the companions may be especially useful done as much character. As much parody timing What's more move developments On particular case melody will awe those group of onlookers. 
Executive Sreenu need decided those same of age fellowship story and need neglected over executing it with gripping portrayal. As much screenplay and the manner characters would planned need aid An huge letch. A couple dialogues composed Toward him in the favor half need aid handy. Altering worth of effort is practically alright Similarly as the film’s runtime may be short. Those cinematographer will be OK and a couple regular areas were showcased great. Music will be not up to the mark. Handling values to this low plan novel into a film are OK. 
If Nandu-Sreemukhi’s flashback track may be useful it will be not interlinked with those contemporary story legitimately. Noted comic Thagubothu Ramesh’s part is exhausting and silly. 
On the whole, b. Guru Babulu will be yet an additional exhausting kinship adventure which need nothing new to offer. In spite of nandu Furthermore Sreemukhi’s track may be good, it will be not interlinked with those story legitimately. The uneven screenplay and Sharp incidents will truly bother those crowd. 

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