Review : Keshava

Review : Keshava - Super Revenge Drama

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Release date : May 19, 2017
Chai SamoSa Rating : 3.25/5
Director : Sudheer Varma
Producer : Abhishek Nama
Music Director : Sunny M.R
Starring : Nikhil, Ritu varma, Isha Koppikar

Story :- 
The account of the film depends on a law undergrad called(Keshav) who is on a chase down to murder each one of the individuals who demolished his family in a terrifying mishap. Keshava confers a progression of killings and an exceptional officer(Isha Koppikar) is selected to manage the case. Rest of the story is in the matter of how Keshav evades the cops and finishes his requital with the assistance of Satyabhama(Ritu Varma). 
In addition Points :- 
Keshava is without a doubt Nikhil's film till the last scene. Credit ought to go to the youthful on-screen character for picking such a dim part and trying it without breaking a sweat. Nikhil's execution is one of the greatest resources of Keshava. Appropriate from the primary scene, he holds his feelings with and exhibits how extreme he can get in his demonstration. The way he approaches perpetrating his violations and gives a settled execution will win him a great deal of acclaim. 
However another favorable position of the film is the sharp portrayal by Sudheer Varma. Despite the fact that he picks a normal script, the way he has displayed it in an upscale way is what clicks. The way he uncovers the film part astute and gets different curves in great. Vennela Kishore's comic drama works remarkably well for the film. The pro comic is in his components with his unobtrusive yet amusing act. 
Ritu Varma looks nice and capably underpins Nikhil in every one of his attempts. The tension that is produced all through the main half is great and has been displayed in a holding way. Isha Koppikar makes a tolerable rebound and is an ideal fit as the cop. Anasuya's voice suits Isha totally. 
Short Points :- 
The account of the film is very basic and there is not a lot to look forward as the film runs totally on the screenplay. Despite the fact that the thought process is adequate for the legend to deliver retribution, things could have been exhibited in an all the more holding and unforgiving way for the gathering of people to get associated. 
The heart issue which is exhibited through Nikhil's character has not been managed well. The executive had a decent possibility of lifting the procedures trough this issue yet he passed up a great opportunity for the shot. 
Specialized Aspects :- 
Keshava is an exceptionally trendy film that has turned out in the current past. Diwakar Mani's camera work is surprising as he keeps up the mind-set of the film with his lighting and extraordinary visuals. The automaton shots used to grandstand the different pursues and tense scenes look stunning. Foundation score is alright and could have been something more. Sunny M R's music is just about alright and has not a lot to discuss. Altering is very smooth as was the craftsmanship heading. Creation esteems by Abhishek Pictures are first rate as the residential communities in Godavari district have been exhibited extravagantly. 
Going to the chief Sudheer Varma, his quality has dependably been a snappy portrayal and with this film as well, he has made a straightforward subject look very extraordinary. The way he approaches removing execution from Nikhil and presents the film is a genuine note is great. Credit ought to go to him for not shying far from the subject by including pointless business components. Notwithstanding, he rushes up the film amid the second half and takes some artistic freedoms. 
Decision :- 
Overall, Nikhil by and by satisfies his desires and turns out with an alternate wrongdoing thriller. His execution is choice and is the pillar of the film. Classy portrayal by Sudheer Varma, drawing in first half and capturing visuals are fundamental resources of the film. In any case, the film plunges marginally amid the second half with an excessive number of things happening rapidly. On the off chance that you hold your desires within proper limits and go all around arranged, Nikhil and group will guarantee you a slick wrongdoing thriller to watch this end of the week.

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