Review : Andhhagadu

Review : Andhhagadu - Fun with Blind and twists

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Release date : June 02, 2017
Chai SamoSa Rating : 3/5
Director : Veligonda Srinivas
Producer : Sunkara Ramabrahmam
Music Director : Shekar Chandra
Starring : Raj Tarun, Hebah Patel, 
                Rajendra Prasad

Gautam(Raj Tharun) is a visually impaired man who experiences passionate feelings for a specialist named Netra(Hebah Patel). As time cruises by, Netra enables Gautam to recover his vision. This is likewise the time when Gautam falls into issue with a neighborhood don(Raja Ravindra). 
His issues deteriorate when Gautam faces extreme results from Netra's dad(Shayaji Shinde) who is a cop. Exactly when things look set, Gautam meets Kulkarni(Rajendra Prasad) who flips around his life. 
Who is this Kulkarni? What does he need to do with Gautam? In what capacity will Gautam win his affection and face the neighborhood wear? To know every one of the appropriate responses, you have to watch the film on the extra large screen. 
Also Points:- 
You can plainly observe a great deal of change in Raj Tharun. His star status is without a doubt made the following stride as he is calm with his execution. He is particularly silly as the visually impaired man and exhibits great varieties when he turns into the furious young fellow amid the end. 
Entertainer Satya brings great snickers amid the principal half as every one of his scenes with Raj Tharun and Hebah inspire radiant fun. Hebah Patel is just about alright and does not have much to do in the second half. As usual, Hebah's science with Raj Tharun is very shaking. Ashish Vidhyarthi is better than average as the specialist as was Sayaji Shinde. 
The primary half is exceptionally engaging with clever stimulation and an extremely intriguing interim blast highlighting Rajendra Prasad. The way legend's mystery is uncovered amid the end has likewise been exhibited well. 
Short Points:- 
The film has a thrill ride sort of a vibe. Right, when you think things are going great in the primary a large portion of, the pace tumbles down somewhat and the film is just spared by some great interim point. The majority of the movies nowadays have an exceptionally unsurprising and worse than average execution and same is the situation with Andhagadu as well. 
For the genuine mystery to be uncovered, the executive pointless diverts second half by some exhausting comic drama scenes between Rajendra Prasad and Raj Tharun. Most likely interestingly, Rajendra Prasad looks very dull in his part and does not convey any profundity to the procedures. 
Once the wind is uncovered, the peak takes always to be wrapped up as some superfluous scenes exhibiting Raj Tharun's courage are dragged for reasons unknown. 
Technical Aspects:- 
Creation esteems by AK Entertainments are first rate as was the camera work. Music by Shekar Chandra is very great as every one of the melodies sound great and have been shot well as well. Discoursed are great as was the whole set up of the film. The film needs genuine altering the same number of scenes between Rajendra Prasad and Raj Tharun can be effortlessly trimmed. 
Going to the author turned executive Veligonda Srinivas, he has made only an alright showing with regards to with his introduction film. As an essayist, he scores full checks as his script is very intriguing on paper. However, the issue lies in his execution. He bundles the main half with some great masala components yet does not figure out how to hold the grasp amid the second part. It is just amid the most recent 15 minutes that the film raises to its quality with a fascinating turn including the legend. Other than this, he sends the second half smashing. 
All in all, Andhagadu is a film which begins off with great fun yet gets diverted the later stages. Great excitement in the primary half and Raj Tharun's execution are a few resources. In the event that you disregard the marginally moderate and dragged out second a large portion of, the most recent fifteen minutes and different turns in the film set aside a few minutes pass watch this end of the week.

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