Review : Ami Thumi

Review : Ami Thumi - Fully Comedy Entertainer 

Image result for ami thumi  telugu movieRelease date : June 09, 2017
Chai SamoSa Rating : 3.25/5
Director : Mohan Krishna Indraganti
Producer : K C Narasimha Rao
Music Director : Mani Sharma
Starring : Avasarala Srinivas, Adivi Sesh, 
        Vennela Kishore, Eesha Rebba, Aditi Myakal

Gangadhar Rao(Tanikella Bharani) is entirely against his daughter's(Esha) undertaking with Ananth(Adivi Sesh) and fixes her marriage with Sreechilipi(Vennela Kishore). This is likewise the time when Gangadhar's son(Srinivasa Avasarala) is infatuated with his foe's girl Maaya(Aditi). 
Annoyed with his children, Gangadhar locks his little girl inside a room and kicks his child out of his home. Rest of the story is with reference to how the sibling sister couple figures out how to dodge Sree Chilipi and get hitched to their regarded significant others. 
In addition Points: -
Vennela Kishore has been sparkling splendidly in each film of his generally, however his drama is to another level in Ami Tumi. Directly after he enters the scene, Kishore's punch discoursed, unobtrusive peculiarities, and his science with his adoration enthusiasm for the film are incredible. Kishore's sarcastic comic drama and the way he utilizes interesting English expressions as punches are amusing. With this film, his prominence will unquestionably go to another level. 
Tannikella Bharani conveys a ton of profundity to the procedures and is great as the strict father. The film has great parody all through as the executive Mohana Krishna pleasantly includes great engaging minutes in both the parts. The mixed up personality satire and the comic drama track that he has composed for Vennela Kishore works great. 
The peak of the film is additionally average and finishes on a positive note. The performing artist who plays Vennela Kishore's affection enthusiasm for the film likewise makes a colossal showing with regards to as her demonstration brings a great deal of silliness in the film. Eesha Rebba is great as the Telangana young lady. 
Less Points:- 
The initial ten to twelve minutes of the film begin on a moderate note. The way the characters are presented and their boisterous acting can put you off more often than not. The film plainly has some noisy and droll comic drama which may not run well with the mass gathering of people. 
Despite the fact that the film is a parody escapade, the way certain characters carry on makes the film very senseless on occasion. Srinivasa Avasarala and Adavi Sesh carry out their occupation well however are barely there in the film. 
Specialized Aspects: -
Creation esteems are quite great as the film looks flawless and outwardly engaging. Exchanges by Mohana Krishna are yet another colossal resource for the film as they have been composed with a great deal of humorous diversion. Altering is OK as was the foundation score. Fortunately, Mani Sharma's music accepts circumstances for what they are and does not deter the procedures. Camera work by P G Vinda is quite great despite the fact that he had less degree to feature his ability as the film is set for the most part in not very many areas. 
Going to the chief Mohana Krishna, he has made a noteworthy showing with regards to with the film. With a less number of characters, he has made the procedures very fascinating as his screenplay is very fresh and to the point. The way he produces comic drama through Vennela Kishore's character and includes great fun at standard interim is decent. 
In general, Ami Tumi is an exceptionally sound drama which makes them engage minutes all through. The film will particularly do well at the A focuses in view of its urban drama touch. Vennela Kishore is the star as he makes this film which has a basic and unsurprising story line very agreeable with his humorous execution as Sree Chipili. Watch it for him.

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