Wow! What A Cover Up Guna

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It is known that senior director Gunasekhar recently showered praises on 'Baahubali: The Conclusion'.  While doing so, he said that it is a 'simple' story.  These 'simple' remarks have lead to complex discussions in social media and many netizens starte trolling Gunasekhar. 

If we narrate the story of 'Baahubali', it appears to be simple.  But Rajamouli presented it in his typical style so, audience might have felt that it is great story. Whatever be the reasons, Gunasekhar got alerted as his 'simple' remarks became a controversy.  He has posted a new message covering up his earlier statements. 

Guna has been showering praises one department of Bahubali a day and he is speaking about another department the next day. Similarly, he has focused on Vijayendra Prasad now.   He tweeted a text image that "Vijayendra Prasad Garu, Congratulations. However advanced the process of filmmaking gets, aided by technologies like 3D, IMAX, VR etc., the very raw human emotions remain the vehement force that binds the entirety, and that's what you've proven yet again like you always do.   Your story may sound simple, but hats off to the way in which you have skillfully weaved powerful characterisations into an impactul epic. Your dialogue writers Ajay-Vijay have penned lines that ably delineate the emotions." 

After reading Gunasekhar's latest message about the story and Vijayndra Prasad, netizens are saying that "Guna tried to put a fullstop to the 'simple' episode by tweeting this simple message"


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