Venu Reveals A Secret About Allu Arjun

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When some person talks about Stylish Star Allu Arjun.. they can not miss the subject of his vitality. Regardless of whether it is on screen or off screen, his vitality is unmatchable. Aside from introducing Bunny's vitality, 'Duvvada Jagannadham' is attempting to convey his clever edge to the silver screen.

"Jabardasth" Venu as of late talked about Bunny and his association with him. Venu said that he loves the vitality of Bunny in particular. "There is variety in each Bunny annayya film. He thinks of various haircut.. Non-verbal communication.. style. Not just that he is a well wisher.. what's more, supporter. I have gone with him for 'Rudhramadevi'. Rajasimha penned exchanges for Gona Gannareddy chacracter in the film. As the dialuges must be composed in Telangana slang, Rajasimha included me in the exchanges".

"When I went to meet Bunny I inderstood that I was in the safe place. I gave a little thought amid the discourses.. furthermore, I said this will be great. He enjoyed the thought in particular. He talked about a similar thought with the chief. My thought is behind the intense discourse amid the presentation. Despite the fact that it is a little help, Bunny has expressed gratitude toward me on a few events like SIIMA...IIFA. He says that..the reaction in theaters is superb and the reason is you. Bunny buckles down. So also, he perceives other's hardwork. That is Bunny".


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