World's Heaviest Woman sheds half of Weight

World's Heaviest Woman sheds half of Weight

Eman Ahmed, the Egyptian lady, is known to be the World's Heaviest Woman until couple of months prior as she used to weigh 504 kg. It's her voyage through India that helped her chop down the overabundance weight and she now abandons the World record too.

In a traverse of two months, Eman Ahmed lost 242 kg which is right around half of her body weight when she arrived in India. What's more, now, She weighs only 262 kg and this extreme weight reduction enhanced the working of her organs.

Dr Muffazal Lakdawala who heads the group of specialists treating the exceptional patient at the Saifee Hospital stated: 'Eman Ahmed was put on a weight reduction slim down. Indeed, even the surgery, Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy, helped her shed heaps of weight in a limited capacity to focus. The exceptional change in weight in couple of weeks is a direct result of the loss of abundance water in her body. She may lose about 30 kg for every month for the following couple of months'.

Eman Ahmed's ride side of the body is as yet deadened in view of the cerebrum stroke she endured 3-years-back.