Who compared Baahubali with Simhasanam Movie

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'Baahubali' can't be compared to any of the Indian Films because of its Scale, Box Outcome & Wide Reach. But, None other than the Son-in-Law of Superstar Krishna differs with it.   

Sudheer Babu draws comparisons between 'Baahubali' and 'Simhasanam'. According to him, Telugu People used to be proud of 'Simhasanam' in those days as it's the first 70 MM film in Tollywood. In the same manner, Audience are proud of 'Baahubali' now.   
The Young Hero says, 'The unprecedented craze or the pride, feeling we have for #Baahubali now I feel is somewhat similar during Krishna Garu's #Simhasanam'. 

Probably, Sudheer Babu's Comment didn't go down well with either Prabhas Fans or Anti-Mahesh Fans. In reply to the negative reactions, He wrote: 'I hope it's clear enough now. For those who were disrespectful to a Legendary Person, Learn to respect a Great Man and Their Values Sad'.


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