Truth behind Telugu NRI Madhukar's Suicide

Telugu NRI Madhukar Reddy committed suicide at his residence in USA on April 3rd this year. Family Members of the deceased techie attacked his Wife Swathi when she had gone to see the mortal remains of her husband for the last time during cremation at Janagama, Telangana. A police complaint has been registered against Madhukar's Family by Swathi.

Speaking to the media persons at her house in Kothapeta, Swathi said: 'Madhukar is a nice person. We both have no disputes what-so-ever. But, He used to suffer from depression once in a while and he would even beat me. After sometime, He would realize his mistake and apologize to me. Since it is getting repetitive, I had even asked him to mend his ways'.  

'On the day he committed suicide, Madhukar is in depression. He is worried about Visa extension and losing the job. I had gone to the office 7 AM itself. He himself had given me the lunch box. My Husband has given Rs 70 lakh as loan to his relatives. Mental Stress and Financial Dealings are the reason behind the extreme step taken by him'.

Swathi sought police protection from herself and her six-year-old daughter from the family of Madhukar Reddy.