This Senior Actress drinks Alcohol daily!

This Senior Actress drinks Alcohol daily!

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Maharashtra Legislator Bacchu Kadu made shocking comments against BJP MP Hemamalini while he was speaking on farmers suicide. The Independent MLA rubbished the claims that famers suicide have been on a rise because of addiction to alcohol.

Bacchu Kadu: 'It's unfair to say farmers commit suicide because they consume alcohol. 75% of MLAs, MPs and Journalists drink. Hema Malini who drinks daily didn't commit suicide'.

The Legislator maintained that farmers have been committing suicide due to the cash crunch. He pointed out that the income generation hasn't increase even though productivity of farmers improved.

How would Hema Malini react to the comments of the MLA? Will she admit being an alcoholic or hits back at the Legislator for the unnecessary reference? Let's see!