Sachin and Rekha pack Worst Record

Sachin and Rekha pack Worst Record

Lamentably, Former Cricketer Sachin Tendulkar and Bollywood on-screen character Rekha are the most noticeably awful entertainers among the 12 Nominated Members in Rajya Sabha. Neither of the two partook in a solitary level headed discussion since 2012. 

It's truly stunning to realize that Sachin has gone to the Upper House just for 23 days out of 344 Working Days. The consumption brought about on Cricket God, be it compensation or different costs, is Rs 58.8 lakh (Rs 256,000 every Day). 

Though, Rekha had been to Rajya Sabha for 18-odd days. Despite the fact that Rekha's participation is so poor, The use acquired in view of her is Rs 65 lakh (Rs 360,000 every Day) which is the most noteworthy till date. 

Every MP is qualified for utilize Rs 25 crore MPLADS amid the 5 year term. While Sachin prescribed works costing Rs 21.9 crore, About Rs 17.65 crore has been endorsed out of it. Though, Rekha suggested Rs 9.28 crore and authorized Rs 7.6 crore. 

MP's Pay Package: Salary (Rs 50,000 every Months), Constituency Allowance (Rs 45,000 every Months) and Other Allowances for Travel and Etc (Rs 15,000 every Month)