Leaked Pics: Cherry oora maas look latest film

Leaked Pics: Cherry oora mass look latest film

Mega Power Star Ram Charan is presently doing a film in the direction of Sukumar.  The film unit is busy with the shoot in the surrounding villages of Rajahmundry.  It is known that the movie runs the in village backdrop and Cherry is appearing as a typical village guy. 

The pics of Cherry in action mode have been leaked recently..and the pics are going viral in the social media. Cherry looks oora mass in with a bushy beard.. brown colour shirt.. lungi along with a red colour towel.  Cherry is in an action mode holding a long stick in his hand.  

Even though mass films entertaining Telugu audience in the recent past, no star hero appeared in such a rustic getup.  It seems Cherry-Sukku are getting ready to rule the roost with their rustic village film. 


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