It Was An Inspiration Story For Baahubali: Rajamouli

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The wait is almost over.  It is very long indeed.. may be Hollywood movie lovers are accustomed to wait for years together for their favourite films.  James Cameron made 'Avatar' and released in 2009.. even though fans are eagerly waiting for the Avatar 2.. for several years they have announced the release date on December 18, 2020.   Can you imagine.. ? Eleven years.  But 'Baahubali 2' made us to wait just for two years.  Far better than James Cameron.. Don't you think so?

As 'Baahubali' is getting ready for the release in a day.. Rajamouli interacted with the media persons sharing his experiences with 'Baahubali' franchise.  He has spoken on many things.. but,  among all those things, one thing has caught the attention.  Where did he get the inspiration to make a movie like this ?  While speaking about this he said that "Old classic 'Mayabazar' caught the attention of me.  So, I was inspired to make fantasies.   I used to discuss about each every shot in 'Mayabazaar' with many people.  The inspiration for making Baahubali is 'Mayabazar' movie".

We all know that 'Mayabazar' is a Telugu classic directed by legendary Telugu director KV Reddy starring Telugu legends NTR.. ANR.. SVR..  Savitri.  Many netizens think that IMDB rating of 9 is exceptional.  Mayabazar has got the IMDB rating of 9.2.   This shows the stuff of the film in modern metrics !


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