HE attacked Mohan Lal after Pawan Kalyan....

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The day doesn't pass without any controversy for Actor & Self-Proclaimed Critic Kamaal R Khan. We have come across his loose talk on Celebs on various occasions in the past. The most recent happens to be the dig he took at Pawan Kalyan over 'Sardaar Gabbar Singh' Hindi release and hunger strike of the Krishna District Distributor.

This time, Kamaal R Khan expressed his dissatisfaction over roping Mohan Lal for the role of Bheem in Rs 1,000 crore epic 'Mahabharata'. Comparing the Mollywood Superstar to Animated TV Character, He wrote: 'Sir @Mohanlal you look like Chota Bheem so then how will u play role of Bheem in Mahabharata? Why do you want to waste money of Producer BR Shetty?'.

Soon, KRK faced the ire of Mohan Lal's vast fan base on Twitter. Fans began comparing KRK to toilet brush, opined he is suitable for monkey role in the epic and suggested him to act in 'Planet of the Apes' saying he doesn't even need any make-up. Few Netizens even suggested KRK to watch the films of Mohan Lal to know his impeccable talent.


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