Burning star's stunning Nataraja dance ! in Kobbari Matta Movie

Sampoornesh Babu is the self proclaimed star hero of Tollywood.  He calls himself as 'Burning Star' and everybody started referring him as Burning Star.  He grabbed the limelight with his announement that a song teaser of 'Kobbarimatta' will be released at the same time Mahesh23 first look was slated for release. 

Even though the news assumed significance in the media at the time of announcement, no one cared about it when it the song teaser was actually released. Because entire social media was busy discussing about First Look of Mahesh Babu's 'Spyder'.  As everybody is tired of discussing about 'Spyder' first look now, some netizens int he social media are focusing on Sampoo's song teaser.  

The teaser started with scene where Sampoo enters drought ridden Rayalaseema area as a Swamiji.  He dances like Nataraja before a Siva Linga for the rain.  Though he tried hard do Nataraja kind of dance.. it is giving some fun to the netizens.