Bikini-clad Air Hostess made this Airline No.1

Bikini-clad Air Hostess made this Airline No.1

The revenues of Vietnam-based airline VietJet kept soaring after it introduced the trend of bikini-clad Air Hostess. After this move, This Low-Cost Airline has surpassed its rival Vietnam Airlines for the first time ever. 

Initially, People assumed that the bikini campaign might back fire. However, It worked wonders for VietJet and attained it the tag of 'Bikini Airline'.

In 2011, VietJet stirred a controversy by making Flight Attendants appear in two-piece bikini and even held a ramp walk in the plane as part of the publicity campaign. Even a fine was imposed on the Airline for that cheap publicity stunt.

Today, VietJet holds almost 40 percent of the Vietnam's domestic market. It is covering 60 routes at present and have the target of operating 200 planes by 2023.